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The 2016 MINI Convertible

So winter has arrived and we’re up early in the dark, shivering in our frosty cars dreaming of sun, sea & sand. Sad, sad times. But, dry your eyes - this new MINI arrival will keep us in high spirits until those warm summer nights. That’s right, get yourself prepared for the ultimate in convertible style, due to hit the roads in March 2016.

Just imagine, those rosy warm sunsets, that welcoming breeze, the comfort, the style and the absolute assurance you are the coolest cat on the road.

Let’s take a closer look at the evolution from its predecessor. What features have changed, & what’s new?

Number 1 on this list is the improved roof. Open up the soft top in under 20 seconds, at speeds of up to 18mph. It’s also smoother, quieter and has an integrated retractable 40cm sunroof.


Overall, the car is slightly bigger. The windscreen is steeply raked to give you an airy, light and free feel whilst driving. From behind, the new MINI Convertible has a dynamic and polished presence. Taillights are further apart with a sleek Chrome surround, and the Cooper S model features not one, but two tailpipes. Comfort awaits – even in the back. The redesigned rear seat creates a lounge-like atmosphere with the perks of practicality.


2 new colours – Caribbean Aqua and Melting Silver are available for the new model. The roof can be customised with The British flag design printed in black/grey onto a woven fabric (sleek). You can also tweak the instrument panel and structural elements by selecting your desired version of Colour Line and interior Chrome Line.

Love Tech? You’re in for a treat - as this is more than just any convertible, THIS convertible is your pal come rain or shine. The tailored centre console MINI Connected XL (optional) informs you of potential weather warnings so you can pull over and close the roof before it starts raining, because no one is a fan of the wet dog look, you know.

In addition to this, you can also control your GoPro (via Wi-Fi connection), access the internet, stream music, plan your journey and monitor the analysis of your driving conditions and see the forces you create via the Driving Excitement tool.

Safety -

Adventurers are always prepared for anything. That’s why safety comes first in the new MINI Convertible. A new invisible rollover crash system is the latest addition to an array of features that protect you and your fellow passengers.


Easy load function as standard (luggage compartment opening can be expanded), Through load possibility enabled by standard 50/50 split folding rear seats, and a downwards opening boot lid which can hold an impressive 80kg.

There’s no doubt about it – the new MINI Convertible is a smooth operator. Slightly longer yet agile proportions create a more streamlined silhouette that’s accentuated by a precisely defined roofline. It’s sleek all round.

Is it summer already..?